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NeonHQ is your friendly webhosting provider. Hosting plan from as low as US$3.00 per month. Contact us if you have any enquiries.
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We are proud of our high uptime of 99.5% and premium bandwidth with our reliable servers at ThePlanet datacentre. Check our site uptime here.

All our plans have 14 days money back guarantee. What's there to lose? Hurry up and enquire about your personal plan now!


News and Updates

1st January 2013
We wish all our customers and visitors a Happy New Year 2013 !!
3rd January 2012
We wish all our customers and visitors a Happy New Year 2012 !!
Due to recent increase in domain fee by VeriSign, we are adjusting our domain registration price and renewal price.
1st January 2010
We wish all our customers and visitors a Happy New Year 2010 !!
1st December 2007
Merry Christmas !!
We are please to inform you that we have just double the webspace for our hosting plans!
From 01 Jan 2008, we will terminate our RewardHQ Program.
1st January 2007
We wish all our customers and visitors a Happy New Year 2007 !!
1st January 2006
Happy New Year 2006 ! We have just re-structure our billing procedure.
22nd June 2005
You will be given one full year of Free Hosting (HQ-1 / HQ-2 / HQ-3) when you use our web design or graphic design services.
We are not offering Monthly Specials anymore.
16th January 2005
In order to promote .info extension, we are offering new .info domain registration at only US$4.50 / SG$8.00 when registering your .info between 1st Jan 2005 and 31st Dec 2005.
Why wait. Grab your .info NOW !!
19th July 2004
Slight revamp of our website.
5th May 2004
Customers can now sign up our hosting plans online.
We have added a Free section.
We have updated our Links section.
1st May 2004
We are now using Google result for our search function.
18th February 2004
Domain Control Panel is upgraded to a new look.
Along with the new look, we have introduced 3 new domain services (Domain Forwarding, Mail Forwarding and Managed DNS) at a very low cost.
These new domain services are useful for those who do not need hosting.
Enquire our new domain services at
1st November 2003
We have revised our domain registration prices.
We have also introduce RewardHQ Program for our customers.
17th October 2003
We have added a news section in ClientHQ. News related to our servers will be found in the ClientHQ News section.
4th October 2003
We have discontinued all our Personal CP plans and introduce new hosting plans. All clients who sign up Personal CP plans will continue to enjoy its rate and its prepaid special.
2nd September 2003
We have discontinued our Personal CP3 plan and introduce Personal CP4 plan. Current customers with Personal CP3 plan will continue to enjoy its rate.
30th August 2003
We have added Search the Web function in our site. There is a search box at the side and bottom of every page.
19th August 2003
We have implemented support ticket function in ClientHQ. Clients will be able to create support ticket online.
31st July 2003
We have added a new section, Domain Names for Sale. If you are interested, please make an offer to
19th July 2003
We have implemented the ClientHQ function. Clients will be able to view their payment status online.
10th July 2003
Special Plans in limited quantity.
Other currencies and other payment methods added.
Customers in Singapore and Australia are able to pay by Interbank Fund Transfer.
7th July 2003
We have added special prepaid price on all our plans when prepaid for 6 months or 12 months.